5 Easter Basket Ideas from Charleston Small Businesses

It’s time to start putting together those Easter Baskets!  We have it on good authority that the Easter Bunny likes to support small businesses and makers, so we rounded up a few ideas to help out with all those baskets that need to be made...

easter basket ideas
Here are just a few Easter basket ideas from Charleston based small businesses and makers!

1. Candy Club Jars at Coastal Cupboard

Easter basket ideas
How adorable are these?  My little girl is very into unicorns these days so of course I had to pick that one, but there are all kinds of fun options.  The Coastal Cupboard is a store in Belle Hall that has all kinds of fabulous gifts!

2. Bitty Chip Chocolate Chip Cookies

Instagram led me to this super-cute company and I'm in love! These yummy treats are re-stocked every Monday at 10am, so grab yours for Easter next week.

3. Charleston Cottage Craft Kit

charleston craft kit
It's probably not great for parents for the Easter basket to be ALL sugar and treats.  Our Charleston cottage craft kit is the perfect activity before the big egg hunt!

4. Bath Bombs by Newport Naturals

I have to thank Instagram again for leading me to this adorable company.  Vegan, natural beauty and bath products.  Bath bombs are a particular favorite at our house!

 5. New Face Mask by Child of Mars Shop

Things are certainly looking up re: the pandemic, but masks will probably be here awhile longer, and Child of Mars shop on Etsy has a bright and colorful vibe that we are ALL ABOUT.

Do you have any favorites to add?  We love finding out about new small businesses!  Please share!  And pin this post to remember all of these great suggestions <3

5 Charleston Small Businesses

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