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old fashioned etiquette: correspondence

In the last few decades, technology has changed society drastically.  One of the areas in which that is very true is wedding stationery - with the advent of many new printing types, machinery, etc. - the choices in the correspondence department are almost endless.

personalized stationery

Personalized stationery is seen as a way to express yourself and your personal style with very few rules governing the aesthetic.  That was not the case in the early 20th century though...

"Plain white or gray unruled sheets folding once into their envelopes, and black ink, are the approved materials for social correspondence.  There is no objection to be urged against the varieties of pretty stationery now manufactured in soft tones of blue, gray, green and buff, and in assorted sizes of sheet and envelope; but it is in very bad taste to use paper of a staring indigo, red, yellow or lilac hue, with a highly glazed finish and edging, folded into envelopes of outlandish shapes, and written up on with purple, blue or white ink."

As stationery enthusiasts, we can't help but be glad that "social norm" has changed dramatically!


Pictured above: a custom personalized stationery package designed by Dodeline for a real estate client. Contact us to design your own!

Quote from the Encyclopedia of Etiquette by Emily Holt, 1923.

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