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5 holiday card ideas

With Halloween already behind us, we are fast approaching the holiday and gift giving season.  It's a good idea to order holiday cards sooner than later so you can start writing addresses and notes.  Here are 5 holiday card ideas for 2015:

holiday card ideas

1. Thanksgiving cards.  Expressing your gratitude for those in your life and getting your cards out a little early are two great reasons to do Thanksgiving cards instead. 

2. Photo cards. Since we rarely print photos anymore, sending a photo holiday card is personal and very special.

3. Order personalized holiday cards. There are lots of great options for personalized cards that don't necessarily involve a photo. 

4. Support handmade. Looking around for something special in your local gift shops or on Etsy ensures your cards will be one-of-a kind.

5. Ornament cards. This card is multi-purpose - it turns into an "ornament" to hang on your tree, at your desk, or anywhere you like!

holiday card ideas

Have any great ideas to add?  What will you be sending for your holiday cards this year? Share in the comments!

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