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4 Sweet Valentine's Day Cards

Looking for a sweet, thoughtful Valentine's Day card for your significant other? Don't be one of the people last minute in the card aisle, looking through the leftovers! There are so many great Valentine's Day card options to consider if you plan ahead just a little bit.  We did a roundup of our favorite funny Valentine's Day cards last week.  This week check out our favorite sweet cards!

Top 4 Valentine's Day Cards for Significant Others

1. Happy Valentine's Day, Boo

boyfriend valentine card

This one definitely walks the line between funny and sweet - what a perfect combination!

2. Love you!

wife valentine card

Sweet and to the point! Says it all.

3. Let's Monkey Around

sweet valntine

Sweet & suggestive, too! Perfect for the hubby, wife, girlfriend, or boyfriend!

4. Miss You Valentine

long distance relationship valentine

If you find yourself separated from your Valentine this year, this is a great card to send them your love! Perfect for long distance relationships, best friends, and military spouses.

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