Fall Craft Kit Ideas

We have been having so much fun with our new craft kits, and we're loving seeing our customer's creations, too!  If you purchased one of our craft kits, please show us what you made and tag us @shopsoutherncities.

To show how widely varied the results can be even with the same craft kit, we created two fun videos with totally different looks.  

Halloween House Craft Kit



Using more of the Halloween stickers in the kit, we created a spooky and perfectly on-theme Halloween house.  One of the great things about the house itself is that it's left white with "siding" so you can either embrace it as is or get creative with color like we did here.  A bright purple color with the dark gray roof made for the perfect Halloween craft, complete with spider webs and pumpkins and the whole shebang!

Fall Craft Kit

Same kit, totally different look!



Changing up the color of the house made a huge difference!  We did a light taupe with some yellow undertones for sort of a weathered wood siding look perfect for Fall.  By selecting more of the autumnal stickers - leaves, wreaths, different color door, etc. - this house is a totally different look than the other! 

Be As Creative As You Want

Our craft kit leaves it all up to you to be as creative as you want.  We can't wait to see what you create!  Email us or say hi on Instagram to share your creations.

Our Fall Craft Kit shown in two totally different looks.

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