Fall Pumpkin Cricut Template

It's that time of year --- pumpkins are showing up in the grocery store, Halloween candy has already been out for weeks, and a little hint of the weather change is in the air.  If there were ever a year where a little seasonal change is welcome, it has to be 2020!

To help get in the spirit, we created a Halloween freebie for all of our fellow Cricut users to enjoy.

fall cricut templates downloadable

Printable Fall Cricut Template

We created this template for the Cricut Joy, so that means you can use it for any of the other Cricuts as well.  The artwork is drawn by our designer and you won't find it anywhere else! Adorable pumpkin shapes and Fall leaves can be used in so many ways.  To download the template, click here.

How to Use the Halloween Printable

It's super easy to use this download package if you are a seasoned Cricut user!  But even if you're not, it's pretty simple.  Here are the directions for our fall printable:

  1. Download all the files mentioned here (you do have to enter your email first).
  2. Once you've downloaded them, open up the Backgrounds zip file.  You'll see there are 5 different watercolor Fall color backgrounds.  Print these on to cardstock or paper (choose based on what you plan to make, of course).  They are meant to be printed as a full 8.5x11 sheet so choose the settings in your printer accordingly.  For the Cricut Joy, you'll simply cut the letter size sheet in half.
  3. Alternative option: if you want to cut the shapes out of vinyl or some of the other really cool Cricut materials, skip the background printing step.
  4. Set up your Cricut and import the template.  If you have any trouble, the actual JPG is also provided in the download package so you can upload the design that way.  Resize if you want, but as we mentioned, this is sized to cut out of a roughly 4" x 11" sheet on a Cricut Joy.
  5. Make all the normal selections in your Cricut and MAKE IT!

Halloween craft ideas for teacher gifts.

Fall Craft Ideas for our Cricut Template

We purposely made this a very versatile template so it can be used in a lot of different ways.  Here are just a few ideas!

  • Punch a hole in the pumpkins or leaves and use them as gift tags on packages (teacher gifts, anyone?  Class parties, etc.)
  • Punch holes and string them to make a garland, either a horizontal one to go on a mantle or it would also look really cool to do multiple vertical strands and hang them as a backdrop.
  • Cut the shapes out of vinyl and adhere to mugs or other fun products to make seasonal apparel or home goods.
  • Print the backgrounds onto a full sheet sticker label (easy to buy from Avery at your office store) and make labels or stickers for treat bags.
  • Use as table scatter at a class party or for your Halloween or Thanksgiving table.
  • Make a bunch of them and decorate a fall wreath (great craft for the kiddos!)

...and so many more!  What ideas do you have for our fall freebie?  Please share!

Download Our Fall Freebie

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