girlfriend gift guide

With Thanksgiving behind us now, it's time to get serious about holiday shopping.  The Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals have invaded our inboxes and we're sure yours too!  With all the big box retailers and websites out there, it can be easy to get overwhelmed and lost in the noise.  

girlfriend gift guide

We have been combing through our fellow small businesses to put together some fun holiday gift guides for all the people in your life.  Today we have some fun suggestions for girlfriend gifts - whether that's a significant other or just a dear friend!
1 - Grey Opal Earrings by Lauren Amos Designs
2 - Flower Stationery Set by Dodeline Design
3 - Porcelain Berry Bowls by UrbanCartel
4 - Palm Heights print by Teil Duncan
5 - Ring Cone by paragraphloop
6 - Angola Horn Necklace by Hermosa Jewelry
7 - Chunky Knit Cape by KattysHandcrafts

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