Is Halloween Canceled? Navigating Halloween in 2020

5 Ideas for Celebrating Halloween in 2020

Like everything in 2020, Halloween is proving to be tricky (no pun intended!) this year.  Many families, neighborhoods, and organizations are struggling to decide what the best way to celebrate the spooky holiday will be.

A funny Halloween card to send to friends and family this year.

Some cities have come out very against traditional trick or treating, such as Los Angeles announcing a ban on the activity in early September.  It remains to be seen what will happen as we get closer to the holiday, but regardless, there are ways to celebrate safely and each family will have to decide what is best for them.

Ideas for Celebrating Halloween in 2020

1. Organize a Halloween parade

Whether your neighborhood is having traditional trick or treating or not, a parade could be organized so that everyone can see the costumes from the safety of their porch.  Families can spread apart and show off their awesome costumes, decorating wagons or golf carts or bicycles too, if they want.

Halloween craft kits are a fun activity for all ages.

2. Get crafty

Halloween this year is on a Saturday, so we'll have a whole day to fill with festivities and celebrations!  Getting crafty with the kiddos is a great place to start and make the day feel fun.  Hit your local craft store or check out our adorable craft kits for some fun ideas.

3. Send Halloween cards

Social distancing is still a good idea, especially as we get into the fall and winter cold/flu seasons.  So for friends and family that you may not see this year, drop a fun Halloween card in the mail to let them know you love and miss them!

Send Halloween cards in 2020 to friends and family you aren't able to see due to social distancing.

4. Create a backyard Halloween Extravaganza

For little kids especially, a little bit goes a long way.  Dress up the backyard with "spider webs," a spooky light projection or two, pumpkins and hay and they will play all day!  You can even grab some easy paper decorations to stick onto a playground set or a cornhole board to make Halloween specific "activities."  Obstacle courses are always a big hit with the kids!

5. Hallowen Easter Egg Hunt

You know what we mean!  Hide candy around the house and let them find it.  Make sure you know where you put it, though, so you don't find old candy next summer!  For older kids, you could take the idea a step further by adding clues and make it into more of a scavenger hunt.

Of course, hopefully we will all get to go trick or treating as usual this year (with masks and lots of sanitizers as a given, we think), but since Halloween is a Saturday and 2020 has been rough, going the extra mile to make it really special is a great idea!

What are some ways you plan to celebrate Halloween this year?  Do tell!

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