Personalized Ornaments Make Great Christmas Gifts

Finding the perfect Christmas gift is a yearly challenge. While gift cards are always an option, it just doesn’t feel very thoughtful the way something like a personalized ornament does.  When you have to plan ahead a little for a Christmas gift, it definitely shows you care!

Collecting Ornaments 

Many people collect ornaments from their travels or to celebrate life’s big events, making them an excellent gift idea. Whether it’s to remember a special trip, a wedding, new baby or any other fun event, personalized ornaments are a keepsake to enjoy for years to come.

A custom ornament example, personalized with family name and year.

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Personalized Ornament Options

 If you’re looking for city specific ornaments, we have you covered! Currently we carry multiple personalized ornament designs for:

To commemorate other occasions, consider ornament designs in holiday themed options like wintry trees, wreaths, and evergreen sprigs. 

Personalized ornaments for Charleston, Charlotte, Savannah, New Orleans and Greenville.

When to Order Personalized Ornaments

Plan ahead when ordering custom gifts. Normally, custom ornaments ship in 3 business days, but the busy Christmas shopping season can increase lead times.  Shipping companies also tend to get a little backed up.  Start thinking about personalized gifts before Thanksgiving if you can, but we can usually accommodate your gift orders up to the holiday shipping deadlines. 

How to Order a Custom Ornament 

Place your order directly on our website and watch your email for your proof.  Let us know if it’s approved or you have any changes, and once your holiday gift order is approved, we’ll start making it in our Charleston design studio.

Get Creative with Your Christmas Gift Ideas

Personalized ornaments are a thoughtful gift and we have a huge selection of ready to order ornament options.  But if you have an idea of something unique or custom, submit a custom request and we will be happy to make it for you!  

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