Should you send Christmas cards?

As lovers of snail mail, of course we would say yes! But this year more than ever, sending Christmas cards is a great idea.  For one thing, many of us have spent a lot of time apart from our families this year, and if travel restrictions aren’t lifted, we may have to social distance even during the holidays.

Christmas cards are a wonderful way to stay connected to friends and family.

Christmas Card Ideas

Send something sure to put a smile on your loved one’s face! Photo cards are always a popular option, but you can also consider sliding a few photos into a little more unique card. 

Cards that celebrate your hometown or home state are always a fun option. We design and create holiday cards themed on Charleston, Charlotte, Greenville, New Orleans and Savannah. These holiday card sets are unique and perfect for Christmas time! 

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Tips for Sending Holiday Cards

Designate a place where you will keep your address list year round, so each holiday season all you need to do is make minor updates, additions and removals.  If you think you will print your addresses on the envelopes, it’s best to organize your list in an Excel spreadsheet.

If you plan far enough ahead, it’s best to order your holiday stamps from the postal service.  They often run out at local branches during the busy holiday season. Remember that if you use a square card, it will require extra postage!

When to Send Christmas Cards

November is the most popular time for Christmas card sales as many people like to have their cards in the mail just after Thanksgiving. The ritual of writing your holiday cards by the Christmas tree is also a fun tradition to begin, so ordering your cards ahead of time is a good plan. That said, it’s the thought that counts, so mailing Christmas cards any time in December is wonderful, and there are always New Years cards if you truly run out of time!

Our most popular Christmas cards feature a festive holiday pineapple.

Popular Holiday Cards

We’ve been making holiday cards for over 10 years, so of course we have a few favorite designs.  Our holiday pineapple card continues to be a favorite and even has a matching ornament and tea towel.  Flip flop Christmas tree and modern chair card are a close second and third, respectively!

No matter what you pick, sending Christmas cards is definitely a good idea, especially in 2020!


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