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how to mail wedding invitations

It may seem self explanatory, but odds are good that you've never mailed 100 or more highly personal, elegant, and incredibly important pieces of mail to everyone you hold dearest.  Whenever a bride or groom picks up an order here at Dodeline, it's a question we hear - "now what do I do with these things?"


Check out the quick video above for some helpful tips on mailing your wedding invitations. One big one: don't forget to pre-address and pre-stamp the response envelopes!


How to Write a Thank You Note

In our age of technology and slightly more relaxed etiquette norms, not everyone is familiar with how to write a thank you note.  As lovers of stationery and old fashioned traditions, we at Dodeline are big fans of the good old fashioned thank you note.

how to write a thank you note

Here are four tips for how to write a thank you note:

  1. Make sure your note is personalized, referencing the people you met and/or the gift that you received.  Be specific!
  2. If...

old fashioned etiquette: correspondence

In the last few decades, technology has changed society drastically.  One of the areas in which that is very true is wedding stationery - with the advent of many new printing types, machinery, etc. - the choices in the correspondence department are almost endless.

personalized stationery

Personalized stationery is seen as a way to express yourself and your personal style with very few rules governing the aesthetic.  That was not the case in the early 20th century though...

"Plain white or gray unruled sheets folding once into their envelopes, and black ink, are...

how to say "no kids" on a wedding invitation

While we all love the little ones, sometimes you just want everyone to be completely free to let loose and have fun on your Big Day.  That said, it's not the friendliest sounding thing to just say "no kids" on your wedding invitation, so let's consider a few alternative options.

how to say no kids on wedding invitation

"Adults only reception"

Rather than using the word "no" and specifically excluding children, it sounds friendlier to indicate "adults only."  You can place this at the bottom of your invitation where it would say "reception to follow" or indicate it...