The South's Most Romantic Cities

The big holiday season is over and now we're in that January slump...we here at are excited to move into our first full year of operating this website and creating fun southern goods.  And if you've walked into a big box recently, you'll know that Valentine's is next up on the calendar and all the goodies are out already!

So we thought it might be fun to see what the internet has to say about the South's Most Romantic Cities....

south's most romantic cities

Southern Living

1. Savannah, GA
2. Beaufort, SC
3. Amelia Island, FL
4. Cape Charles, VA
5. Black Mountain, NC
6. Vacherie, LA
7. Round Top, TX
8. Nachez, MS



1. Savannah, GA
2. Charleston, SC
3. Miami, FL
4. Asheville, NC
5. New Orleans, LA
6. Charlottesville, NA
7. Louisville, KY
8. Oxford, MS
9. Knoxville, TN


What do you think?  Do you agree or have others to add?  

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