Travel Inspired Gift Ideas for 2020

We are certainly missing travel in my household!  Normally, we take at least a few trips each year, so the fact that we haven't gone anywhere in 2020 is pretty major.  I know we're not the only ones, though!

So, we're all hoping and dreaming of those trips we'll take soon, I think, and the holidays are right around the corner.  Travel inspired gifts are always a big hit, especially now when we want to travel more than ever and are missing our favorite adventures so much!

We've rounded up 10 travel inspired gift ideas for 2020 to give your friend or family member all the feels - whether it's remembering a trip they took in the past or to use for a future one, these ideas are winners.

1. Airplane Earrings

How cute are these airplane earrings by Bubblebox on Etsy?  

airplane earrings make a great travel inspired gift

Starting at $15.33 +

2. Destination Inspired Tea Towel

We're all in the kitchen *way* more often these days, and many people are making their first trips this year to destinations a little closer to home.  A tea towel with landmarks from a favorite city is an excellent way to commemorate a fun trip.

City tea towels make great travel inspired gifts.

3. A cool backpack

One of the smarter decisions I made as a mom was getting a backpack diaper bag.  Lugging around a shoulder bag for the first part of my daughter's life was the WORST.  Nowadays, I have a real appreciation for a cool backpack, especially on a travel day.  One of my favorite brands is STATE bags.

But for kids I also ADORE Sticky Lemon.  Such a cool brand.

Kids travel backpack


4. Art to Remember the Trip

Incorporating fond memories into your home decor is an absolute must, and what better way to do that than to commemorate special trips?  Wall art of your favorite destination is a great way to do that!

Travel inspired art - watercolor map of Savannah, GA.

Watercolor map of Savannah, GA, $25


Liberty Bridge / Falls Park print for Greenville, SC

Liberty Bridge / Falls Park Print in Greenville, SC - $12


5. A custom luggage tag

Custom luggage tags are a great way to prep for the next trip!  UrbanKraftsShop on Etsy makes adorable ones, and by the looks of it, has excellent customer service to go with it!

Custom luggage tags are a great travel gift idea.

Luggage tags starting at $9.95, here

6. Personalized Ornaments

When we travel, we love to pick up an ornament to commemorate the trip.  Every year at Christmas is so special reliving all those wonderful memories when we hang them on the tree.  

Gifting an ornament to remember a special trip - personalized or not - is definitely a win-win!

personalized ornaments for travel souvenirs

shop our holiday ornaments  starting at $18

7. Travel Jewelry and Cosmetic Cases

It's not all about the larger luggage - you need smaller cases for your personal items like jewelry and cosmetic cases.  We love these monogrammed jewelry cubes from Stitch-Able...

travel gift idea

and for the fellows, this Dopp kit from J Stark is perfect:

travel gift idea

8. An Iron-On Patch

In case you haven't noticed, the 90's are totally coming back - I just bought a pair of high-tops so there ya go.  I love a fun iron on patch, like our Charleston Rainbow Row iron on patch...

Rainbow row patch makes a great Charleston souvenir.

 9. Gadgets

No one travels without their gadgets these days, so items to make that easier like extra chargers, headphones, attachments to download photos from a fancy camera, etc. are great travel inspired gift ideas.

10. A great book

Whether you gift it digitally or the real thing (big fans of the real thing here), a great read is the perfect companion for a trip.  Many of us don't have time or make time to read in our normal day-to-day lives, so a fantastic read is a luxury must-have for a trip.

A good book is the perfect travel gift.


Have a great idea we missed?  Do share!

 10 travel inspired gift ideas

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