How it Works

Ordering invitations can be a daunting experience -- weddings are overwhelming enough as it is!  In an effort to make it easy, here's a quick guide to how our process works.  Remember that you can always pick up the phone and call our office at 843.860.8308 (T-F 9 - 5EST) if you have questions or need any guidance.

  1. Check out our ready-to-order wedding invitation designs available on the website.  With all of the customization options available, there are lots of possibilities to suit just about any wedding.  OR, if you think you want to explore a truly custom process with our lead designer, visit our custom invitations section and drop us a note.
  2. Once you've identified the design you like, order a sample if you have plenty of time before your wedding.  Remember that invitations go out 6 to 8 weeks before your wedding, and production can take as much as 4 weeks in our busiest seasons.  Plan accordingly!
  3. After receiving your sample or deciding to skip it, figure out the wording you would like to use on your invitation suite.  We have an Etiquette & Wording page to assist you with that.  Make sure that you run the wording you want to use by all "interested parties" (read: anyone financially contributing to the wedding and/or parents) just to be sure no one ends up with hurt feelings.
  4. Navigate to the design you've chosen and fill out all of your choices - envelope and ink colors, etc.  Drop in the wording you would like to use.  Don't worry about formatting - we take care of that part!  We'll also review your wording and offer any suggestions or ask questions if we see anything, just to make sure you get it perfect.  Add to cart.
  5. If you would like to add any fun extras to your suite, like a belly band, envelope liner, etc., then head over to the invitation add-ons, make those choices, and add to cart.
  6. Once you have everything you want, complete the checkout process.
  7. Upon receipt of your order, we will send you a proof.  We'll make sure that gets to you within two business days of placing your order.  Keep in mind, then, that if you place your order on Friday night, you would not receive a proof until Monday or Tuesday.
  8. We provide two revisions to your proof in addition to the first round.  Once the design is perfect, we will send you instructions on how to approve your order for production.  Once you have done that, no more changes can be made to the order at all (quantity, color, wording, etc.).
  9. We will proceed with production.  That period of time can take two to four weeks depending on the current production queue.  If you need it faster, consider rushing our order.
  10. When your order ships, we will send you a tracking number, and your beautiful invitations will arrive in just a few days!  Know that your invitations will arrive beautifully packaged and ready for you to assemble.  You'll want to plan time to add postage, assemble (i.e. wrap belly bands if you got them), and stuff.