Printing Types

In our online store, we offer flat printed with some specialty options (i.e., special paper shape and shimmer gold print).

For custom clients, there are a wide range of choices, and printing can be quite confusing.  Below, we've tried to explain the various printing types we offer and how they work.

Using a lovely luxe white paper stock, which has a “luxe” textured finish and a slightly ivory tone, our economy flat print is perfect for brides looking for a great product on a budget.

It doesn’t get more wedding than beautiful Crane paper stocks, why is why we use them as our go-to option for at printed invitations. This option also works well for response cards and inserts to be paired with a letterpress or thermography invitation.

At this level, we also use Crane stocks, but we have the option of using specialty ink colors such as metallic gold, silver, or white. White ink, of course, works best when we print on a dark color (navy, for example), and is truly unique. is option is a great way to get a more metallic appearance than can be done with regular at printing.

Thermography is a raised print option that offers a wonderful tactile feel. Because of the way the process works, the printing has a slight shine to it. Also using Crane stocks, it works best for simple text designs. is print option will not work well with watercolor looks, large washes of color, or designs with more than two colors.

The most timeless of all the printing options, the design is pressed into the paper with letterpress printing. Because of the way the process works, we can use a very heavy paper stock (220# Crane) with letterpress that isn’t available with the other printing options. If you don’t like the super heavy paper, though, we can still use the 110# option from our other printing selections. Often, we letterpress an invitation and use at printing for the accompanying pieces to save a bit on cost and also to make the invitation the “star of the show.”

Like thermography, this option doesn’t work well with large washes of color, multiple color designs (more than two or three), or watercolor looks. There are ways to combine printing types to create these looks, though, and we can price that on a case by case basis.

Gold foil accents can be added to our at printed and letterpress options. Foil will give you the truest appearance of a shiny, metallic gold. Pricing varies based on several factors. Often, when you see gold foil invitations online, they are foiling a standard element, which is why the pricing seems low. When you want to foil something particular to you, like your names, a special plate has to be made in order for that to be done, so the cost is higher. Because of these variations, we will be happy to price that on a case-by-case basis for you.